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Dropdown Search-UI

Once your Algolia DocSearch index is ready, set up, and filled with the right data, you will need to integrate our dedicated Search-UI. To add the dropdown of results below your search input, you'll have to include our DocSearch library into your website as per the following example.

<!-- Before the closing </head> -->

<!-- Before the closing </body> -->
<script src=""></script>
// Your Search API Key
apiKey: '<YOUR_API_KEY>',
// The index populated by the DocSearch scraper
indexName: '<YOUR_INDEX_NAME>',
// Your Algolia Application ID
appId: '<YOUR_APP_ID>',
// Replace inputSelector with a CSS selector
// matching your search input
inputSelector: '<YOUR_CSS_SELECTOR>',
// Set debug to true to inspect the dropdown
debug: false,

You need to integrate this snippet into every page that integrates the dropdown UI.


If you're eager to test DocSearch but don't have any credentials of your own yet, you can try out the one we use on this website:

appId: 'R2IYF7ETH7',
apiKey: '599cec31baffa4868cae4e79f180729b',
indexName: 'docsearch',