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Free Algolia Search For Developer Docs

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Solve docs challenges with a search engine

Docs are only helpful when your users can find answers easily. Enter DocSearch.

  • Made for Developer docs

    Initially created to fulfill our own documentation needs, DocSearch eventually became a community project for open source docs. But, now it is available for any/all kinds of developer documentation.

  • Customizable and fast

    DocSearch understands how the user input fits into the context of your project and instantly presents the most relevant content with fewer interactions than any other method.

  • Mobile design

    With a design very close to the native experience on mobile, we leverage users acquaintance with the interaction patterns of each OS.

How it works

We scrape your documentation or technical blog, configure the Algolia application and send you the snippet you'll have to integrate. It's that simple.

Scraping with Algolia Crawler
1. Scraping

We leverage the Algolia Crawler to index every section of your website.

Configuration of your crawler
2. Configuration

You don't need to configure any settings or even have an Algolia account. We take care of this for you!

Implementation on your website
3. Implementation

We'll send you a small snippet to integrate DocSearch to your website and an invite to your fully configured Algolia application.

Overview of DocSearch

Search doesn't have to be painful — when a user searches through your docs, they'll get a frictionless modal dialog to work in. And it's a Free Service!

  • All featured search box

    The conversation start here: you want to have the state-of-the-art search box to represent your voice. DocSearch comes with our extensive experience in making this search box respects all the best practices.

  • Hierarchical display

    DocSearch organizes the search results into chunks that reflect how your documentation is structured.

  • Inputs and shortcuts

    It looks almost similar to a search input but it's a button. When you click/touch or use the keyboard shortcut, it opens a modal dropdown and focuses the search input.

  • Always sized and positioned correctly

    The modal experience leverages behavior of most popular Integrated Developement Environements (IDEs) or native experience on mobile. An opaque layer is making sure we keep the context of the documentation but remove all visual pollution.


Powered by Algolia

  • Highly efficient

    Most of our search queries take less than 20ms, so Algolia can run a new search on every keystroke and instantly highlight relevant content to your users.

  • Search as you type

    Instantly magnify relevant content to your users from the first keystroke, thanks to Algolia speed.

  • Detailed and straightforward analytics

    Use our analytics to keep an eye on your search performance and to make sure that your users are finding what they're searching for.

  • Typo tolerant

    Algolia knows what your users mean to search for right out-of-the-box, so they won't be spending time correcting typos.

It's all about keyboards

Once users become familiar with a system they will become better and faster at doing what they need to. DocSearch offers accelerators to experts.

  • Keyboard Shortcut & Navigation

    We aim at keeping the experience as smooth as your interaction with an IDE, which explains the Ctrl+K (⌘+K on macOS) keyboard shortcut to open the search modal.

  • Accessibility

    We have released this version with our best efforts on addressing accessibility issues and we are willing to make further changes. We'd like to work closely with an expert in accessibility. Please contact us if you are interested.