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The best search experience for docs, integrated in minutes, for free

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State-of-the-art search for technical documentation

We're kind of scratching our own itch here. As developers, we spend a lot of time reading documentation, and it isn’t always easy to find the information we need.

No one's to blame, building a good search is a complex challenge. We just happen to have a lot of experience doing that, and we want to share it with the developer community.

Learn-as-you-type experience

Documentation speaks to your users. Ideally, this conversation will be pleasant and efficient. Everyone visiting your documentation page has a different need: Some are exploring your product, some are trying to get started, and some are stuck and need help.

DocSearch is designed to provide relevant search results at every level. Its structured layout give the users more context to understand the product.

Anatomy of DocSearch UI
DocSearch Analytics

Powerful Analytics with Algolia

Follow your users' search behavior to get invaluable insights into what they are doing and to improve their experience - and to help them learn more about your product.

Use metrics such as Popular Queries, No Results, and Click Position to better optimize your content.

How it works

  • Scraping

    We scrape your documentation

    We built a website crawler designed to index every section of your documentation.

    Just send us the URL of your documentation, and we’ll run the scraper every 24h so you’re always up-to-date.

  • Configuration

    We configure your search

    You don’t need to configure any settings or even have an Algolia account.

    We take care of this automatically to ensure the best documentation search experience.

  • Implementation

    You add docsearch.js to your docs

    We'll send you a script that integrates Algolia's autocomplete to power your search.

    You will receive the same speed, relevance, and best-in-class UX as our paying customers.

Try it live

We helped integrate DocSearch into several open source projects. Try it live.

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Oh, and did we mention it's FREE?

No commitment. No subscription. Everything is on us!

We'll scrape pages at this address and index the content on Algolia.

We'll send you the JavaScript snippet you'll have to integrate into your documentation.

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