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API Reference


The following content is for DocSearch v3. If you are using DocSearch v2, see the legacy documentation.


type: string | HTMLElement | required

The container for the DocSearch search box. You can either pass a CSS selector or an Element. If there are several containers matching the selector, DocSearch picks up the first one.


type: typeof window | default: window | optional

The environment in which your application is running.

This is useful if you’re using DocSearch in a different context than window.


type: string | required

Your Algolia application ID.


type: string | required

Your Algolia Search API key.


type: string | required

Your Algolia index name.


type: string | default: "Search docs" | optional

The placeholder of the input of the DocSearch pop-up modal.


type: SearchParameters | optional

The Algolia Search Parameters.


type: function | default: items => items | optional

Receives the items from the search response, and is called before displaying them. Should return a new array with the same shape as the original array. Useful for mapping over the items to transform, and remove or reorder them.

// ...
transformItems(items) {
return => ({
content: item.content.toUpperCase(),


type: ({ hit, children }) => JSX.Element | default: Hit | optional

The component to display each item.

See the default implementation.


type: function | default: searchClient => searchClient | optional

Useful for transforming the Algolia Search Client, for example to debounce search queries


type: boolean | default: false | optional

Disable saving recent searches and favorites to the local storage.


type: string | optional

The search input initial query.

type: Navigator | optional

An implementation of Algolia Autocomplete’s Navigator API to redirect the user when opening a link.

Learn more on the Navigator API documentation.


type: Partial<DocSearchTranslations> | default: docSearchTranslations | optional

Allow translations of any raw text and aria-labels present in the DocSearch button or modal components.

const translations: DocSearchTranslations = {
button: {
buttonText: 'Search',
buttonAriaLabel: 'Search',
modal: {
searchBox: {
resetButtonTitle: 'Clear the query',
resetButtonAriaLabel: 'Clear the query',
cancelButtonText: 'Cancel',
cancelButtonAriaLabel: 'Cancel',
searchInputLabel: 'Search',
startScreen: {
recentSearchesTitle: 'Recent',
noRecentSearchesText: 'No recent searches',
saveRecentSearchButtonTitle: 'Save this search',
removeRecentSearchButtonTitle: 'Remove this search from history',
favoriteSearchesTitle: 'Favorite',
removeFavoriteSearchButtonTitle: 'Remove this search from favorites',
errorScreen: {
titleText: 'Unable to fetch results',
helpText: 'You might want to check your network connection.',
footer: {
selectText: 'to select',
selectKeyAriaLabel: 'Enter key',
navigateText: 'to navigate',
navigateUpKeyAriaLabel: 'Arrow up',
navigateDownKeyAriaLabel: 'Arrow down',
closeText: 'to close',
closeKeyAriaLabel: 'Escape key',
searchByText: 'Search by',
noResultsScreen: {
noResultsText: 'No results for',
suggestedQueryText: 'Try searching for',
reportMissingResultsText: 'Believe this query should return results?',
reportMissingResultsLinkText: 'Let us know.',


type: ({ query: string }) => string | optional

Function to return the URL of your documentation repository.

// ...
getMissingResultsUrl({ query }) {
return `${query}`;

When provided, an informative message wrapped with your link will be displayed on no results searches. The default text can be changed using the translations property.

No results screen with informative message


type: ({ state }) => JSX.Element | optional

The component to display below the search results.

You get access to the current state which allows you to retrieve the number of hits returned, the query etc.

You can find a working example without JSX in this sandbox.

// ...
resultsFooterComponent({ state }) {
return {
// The HTML `tag`
type: 'a',
ref: undefined,
constructor: undefined,
key: state.query,
// Its props
props: {
href: '',
target: '_blank',
onClick: (event) => {
// Raw text rendered in the HTML element
children: `${state.context.nbHits} hits found!`,
__v: null,


type: number | optional

The maximum number of results to display per search group. Default is 5.

You can find a working example without JSX in this sandbox

// ...
maxResultsPerGroup: 7,